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Rated Voltage: 120V
Rated Current: 15A
AC Frequency: 60Hz
Max Power: Up to 1800W
US06C01 :US master switch ,6OL without power statistics
US06C02 :US master switch ,6OL with power statistics
US06C03: US individual switch ,6OL without power statistics
US06C04 :US individual switch ,6OL with power statistics
The WiFi smart socket is a product with a good idea. It uses the WiFi network in the existing home to allow your smart phone or tablet PC to open or close the specified appliance through the App operation under the networking conditions. And because the smart socket can make the electrical appliances completely power off, for TVs, electric water heaters waiting for the power of the larger appliances, with smart socket control can be used with the open, each month can save considerable Electricity.
Quality management measures:
Our product testing process is strictly monitored to ensure the best quality for our clients. We inspect every step of production from basic materials to the finished products.Quality Control personnel who are all experts in their respective product assignments check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.We are proud to announce our acquired ISO 9001 certification from the China Certification Center.
Factory show:

Contact information:US Wifi Socket suppliers