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Location: http://www.cnsteelstructures.com/container-house-1
Bio: Modular container home house
Modular container home house is also called Modular container home, Modular portable container house is designed according to specifications of shipping container exactly. It is made of prefab light steel as house frame and sandwich panel for wall and roof, then facilitated with windows, doors, flooring, ceiling, and other additional accessories.
Products advantage:
1. Environment Friendly. We only chose the qualified environmental protection materials for our production.
2. Safe. We always take the safety of people as the priority.
3. Humanized design. We fully consider people's comfort-ability and personalization on our designing of houses.
4. Easy assembly and dis-assembly. Our houses are very easy to be assembled and disassembled repeatedly.
5. Long life span. Our houses can be used for more than 20 years.
Packaging & Delivery
1.Assembled loading and transportation
One 40ft HC load 2 sets assembled container house with dimension- 5850mm*2250mm*2500mm
2. Flat-pack transportation:
Plan A: One 20ft GP load 4 sets 20 feet container houses
Plan B: One 40ft HC load 8 sets 20 feet container house or 4 sets 40 feet container house.
All panels are protected with PE film, and steel structure warped with woven belt. Accessories will be packed with paper box or plastic bags. Windows and doors will be packed with wooden box.
If you have any request for steel structure warehouse building,please feel free to contact me by followings:
Tel:+86 532 88336188
Fax:+86 532 85397878
Mobile/Whatsapp:+86 13853233236
Skype:andyyu0074china Flat pack container house factory